Mine Site Monitoring

New mine projects will not be approved without a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan. The approvals are issued by government authorities with an overall objective being that the environment will not be adversely altered as a result of the mining operations. As mines usually operate for many years, there's a need to monitor the different stages and that where NewBridge comes in.

Initially, there's the need to monitor environmental parameters before any operations begin to determine an environmental baseline.

Once the baseline is established and the mine is operating, there are environmental parameter limits that cannot be exceeded and need to be monitored, with any out of limits conditions recorded. There may be the need to set up alarms based on any out of limits conditions.

When the mining operations have been completed, there is the need to rehabilitate the mine site, restore the area to its original condition and habitation, and then monitor for a period of years to make sure there has been no long term change to the environment as a result of the mining operations.

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