Key Staff Members

Corbett Osborne

Field Representative

Mr. Osborne came to NewBridge in August, 1985. He is now responsible for sites in Northeastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. Before joining NewBridge, he was the Regional Administrator for the Grayson office of the Kentucky Department of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. As Regional Administrator, he supervised the inspections performed on all surface mines, deep mines, and coal handling facilities in northeast Kentucky. As administrator, his duties included the day to day running of the office as well as supervising the enforcement work performed by the mine inspectors. Prior to being promoted to Administrator, he was an inspector assigned to mining activities in Boyd, Greenup, and Lawrence counties.

Before becoming a reclamation inspector, Mr. Osborne worked for the Kentucky Division of Forestry for six years. While there, he developed forest stand management/improvement plans, harvest plans, and reforestation plans for private landowners. He was also active in forest protection activities and forest product utilization interests.

Corbett is a 1971 graduate of the University of Kentucky where he earned a B.S. in Forestry.  His current responsibilities are inspecting active mine sites as well as monitoring the reclamation progress on sites where mining is complete. This activity includes analyzing the actual mining process to ensure that laws and regulations governing mining are being followed. Reclamation efforts are monitored, compared to the requirements of the permit, and their success or failure determined. When a problem occurs, advice for a remedy is offered. On each visit, an on the ground risk estimate is calculated and compared to the bond amount posted for the area.

When NewBridge is faced with or hired to deal with a default/failure, Mr. Osborne is involved in the development of a Reclamation Plan. He calculates costs and budgets for the plan, as well as monitoring the work on site. His experience includes reclamation of large hollow fills, silt pond removals, pond discharge treatment, highwall elimination, spoil handling, and revegetation. During these activities, Mr. Osborne deals with landowners and regulatory agencies on a regular basis to satisfy their concerns or requests.

Graydon Patterson

Construction Management & Operations

Graydon is responsible for construction management of coal reclamation projects including cost analysis, staffing requirements and client relations.

He also performs day-to-day operations for Cumberland Surety including financial statement analysis, tax planning and market planning.

For the past 20+ years, Graydon has worked as Partner and Owner of Versailles Properties where he has overseen the completion of a 296 lot residential subdivision with a golf course, tennis courts and clubhouse. Graydon is also responsible for doubling the sales of an existing real estate development company to over $5oo,000 annually for 12 years.

From 1993 to 2008, Graydon served as President and Chief Operating Officer of The Brighton Group where he was responsible for overall growth along with the merging of three entities: Brighton Engineering, Brighton Environmental, and Brighton Acquisition. Graydon directed all sales efforts, accounting and personnel decisions and was responsible for building relationships with government organizations.

Graydon earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Transylvania University and attended Eastern Kentucky University for graduate studies.

James R. Phipps


Jim joined NewBridge following an extensive career in the mining industry in management for Lexington Coal and the Kentucky Department of Surface Mining.

For Lexington Coal, he was the manager of Bond Release and Permitting. His responsibilties included meeting with Kentucky Department of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement personnel, Federal Office of Surface Mining personnel and the general public to review, initiate and comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

Jim's duties included initiating permit revisions, amendments and other actions to keep the company in compliance with rules and regulations.

He supervised contractors and consultants on reclamation activities, permitting and water monitoring program while conducting long and short term treatment on acid mine drainage for compliance with state and federal regulations.

Jim met with landowners, gas companies and other entities to initiate and solve permitting, leasing, bond release, complaints and other issues.

With the Kentucky Department of Surface Mining, Jim was Environmental Technology Chief from 1998 to 2005 providing specialized assistance involving complex and/or sensitive environmental problems.

He developed agency guidelines and procedures and worked on special projects assigned by the Division Director.

Jim managed discussions of controversial issues with agency staff and other entities. He reviewed and analyzed state and federal laws and regulations that affected the program area.

His other responsibilities included providing information and advice to field office staff, consultants, permit holders, and the general public.

Jim also investigated field enforcement issues and recommended courses of action to resolve enforcement problems, and served as team leader responsible for coordinating and implementing program projects and studies.


Lewis A. Halstead

Field Representative

Lewis joined our company in 2018. He evaluates mine sites to determine risk associated with providing surety reclamation bond for particular mine permits.

He deals with a number of issues to facilitate release of reclamation bonds for particular mine permits, including facilitating completion of Selenium implementation plans, facilitating release of mitigation projects and the bonds for those projects and dealing with problem sites in an effort to solve problems and accomplish reclamation and ultimately bond release.

Lewis also serves as the Deputy Director of the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection (Division of Mining and Reclamation) where he manages program development for the coal mining regulatory program.

In that role, he also is responsible for interpretation of law, regulations and policies. In addition, he's involved with the development of rules, guidance and procedures, grants, budgets and other fiscal issues for the Division.

Lewis also handles technical and regulatory problems with respect to the mining regulatory program, and he's responsible for program amendments, required program amendments and other aspects of maintaining an Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement approved regulatory program.

He holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree in geology from West Virginia University.

Paul F. Rothman

Field Representative

As a field representative for NewBridge Services since 2017, Paul utilizes his extensive background and experience when assessing and documenting existing permit conditions and regulatory compliance while on active or inactive mine sites.

These site visits allow him to complete a risk analysis of the permit and make suggestions to the company regarding any observed field conditions requiring remediation and/or reclamation necessary to achieve bond reduction or release.

Paul worked in a several positions for the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources prior to joining NewBridge including roles as: Environmental Program Coordinator- Field Services, Environmental Control Manager- Field Services, Director – Division of Abandoned Lands, Environmental Technologist Chief- Commissioner’s Office, Environmental Scientist Chief – Commissioner’s Office, Director – Division of Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, and Environmental Scientist Consultant IV – Commissioner’s Office.

Paul’s background and many years of experience in a variety of regulatory functions provides him with the extensive knowledge, specialized scientific expertise and the technical skills to solve complex or sensitive environmental problems relative to complying with Title V and Title IV of the Surface Mining Reclamation and Control Act of 1977.

From 1981 - 1988, Paul worked for Pittston / Clinchfield Coal as a Soil Scientist / Reclamation Specialist where he supervised and directed the reclamation of all active and completed mine sites.

His duties included directing and maintaining all seeding and planting operations. He conducted field surveys for bond release or reduction on reclaimed sites. Paul also developed permit plans and supporting documentation necessary for permit applications, and provided certification for topsoil variances on underground mining facilities, surface mining operations and refuse disposal areas. He was responsible for developing revegetation practices, recommendations or implementation of cost-effective alternatives.

Prior to Pittston/Clinchfield, Paul was the Head Agronomist and Mined Land Reclamation Inspector for the Virginia Division of Mined Land Reclamation.

He attended the University of Kentucky for both undergraduate and graduate studies in forestry and soil science.