Keith B. Smith

Vice President of Field Operations

Keith Smith has nearly 36 years of all-around experience in the mining industry. That includes hands-on experience mining experience and an extensive history in the permitting and inspection/enforcement divisions of the Kentucky mining regulatory program.

Keith helps coordinate all NewBridge Services field representatives.

As a result of Keith’s unique skill set, he also performs required on-ground risk analyses in support of the reclamation bonding programs administered by Cumberland Surety.

Before joining our company in 2016, Keith worked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky in a variety of positions related to the mining industry.

He was Executive Director for the Office of the Reclamation Guaranty Fund where he was involved in the drafting of the state laws and regulations that are the foundation for the Fund, and was responsible for the implementation and management of the Fund in the first two and one half years of its existence.

While serving in many capacities with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Keith acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding operation and regulation of the coal industry, especially relating to reclamation operations and performance bonding.

His other positions for the Commonwealth included Environmental Reclamation Inspector, Environmental Permit Technician, Environmental Section Supervisor, Branch Manager, Assistant Director (Mine Reclamation and Mine Permits divisions) and Acting Director (Mine Reclamation division).

Keith holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in microbiology from the University of Kentucky with a minor in chemistry.

Coal quarry engineer