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Surety Bond Companies

NewBridge Services brings to a client or surety:

  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements.
  • The ability to evaluate, segregate the controllable portions of the loss, and settle the differing portions in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • The ability to obtain cross support within the industry to shift the surety's obligation away from a defaulted bond position.

NewBridge is able to package the loss investigation, evaluation, mitigation and ultimate settlement, expending little to no resources of the surety.

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Reclamation Management

Developing and managing large reclamation workout programs.

Efficient Results

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Risk Analysis & Loss Mitigation

Structuring and monitoring manageable bonding programs.

Focused Experience

  • Recognized as industry leaders.
  • Expertise in all key positions.
  • Optimized internal operations.
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Serving the Surety Industry

Specializing in customized support formed by relevant experience.

Proven Processes

  • Value-adding methodologies
  • The NewBridge Advantage©
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Discover the NewBridge Advantage

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