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Complete Responsibilities

NewBridge functions as a program architect, consultant, and/or general contractor in situations where significant reclamation obligations need to be resolved to allow an acquisition, merger or bankruptcy to proceed.

Unequaled Experience

NewBridge’s level of experience in mine reclamation is more extensive than any other company in the United States. We're very proud of our leadership position in our industry.

Mining Specialization

NewBridge Services provides reclamation monitoring, risk mitigation and consulting services to the mining and surety industries.

Recent Testimonials from Clients

"Over the period of many years Newbridge Services has proven to be a strong and knowledgeable leader in the reclamation bonding industry.  Their assistance in the Lodestar Reclamation Management project saved a substantial amount of time and expense, and satisfied all parties involved. Their guidance helped get the matter over the finish line.  I have worked successfully with them on numerous reclamation bonding sites.  First class."

Bruce Cryder
Senior Counsel

NewBridge Services:

Comprehensive reclamation strategies for the mining industry