Transforming Environments
and the
Reclamation Industry

NewBridge Advantage

Creative, reliable, and economical, we oversee the design and management of the reclamation for both active and abandoned mine sites.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts delivers sound solutions that restore these sites back into productive use while minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

Partnering with:

  • Insurers & Bond providers
  • Regulators
  • Mining Industry
  • Law firms
  • Bankruptcy trustees 

NewBridge has over 200 years combined experience directly related to the reclamation of mining operations under applicable state and federal laws.

Risk Management Inspections

The industry's most powerful and efficient inspection process.

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Regulatory Reclamation Compliance

NewBridge insures reclamation projects comply with regulations.

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Construction Management

A broad range of construction services to clients in both the mining and energy sectors.

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Reclamation Estimating

Accurate, complete and consistent in calculating costs for mine site closure and reclamation.

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Project Management

Management of all project phases, activities, personnel, timelines, budget & deliverables.

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Companies Count on NewBridge

Reclaiming the Past to Create the Future

Recent Examples of

NewBridge Successes


NewBridge was contracted in the bankruptcy as Debtors' Mining Consultant to evaluate the exposures of 43 permits with $56.5 Million in bond outstanding.

Appalachian Fuels

Newbridge managed the surety’s exposure of over $128 Million and  made it possible to have $35 Million transferred to a new owner.  



This project reclamation involved 20 different sites over 4.5 years. A major portion of this project earned the 2010 Kentucky Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Reclamation.

Phoenix Coal

NewBridge developed a plan in agreement with the State for $6.9 Million project involving 9 permitted mine sites that required 18 months to complete.

Manalapan Mining

NewBridge completed a $2.7 Million Manalapan Mining effort involving 11 permits. This complex project was in support of an agreement between the State and the bankruptcy.